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Excursions :: Ravello

Ravello was founded by a colony of patrician noblemen during the 6th century AD, and was also known to Boccaccio, who described the beauty of its arts and landscape in his Decameron, written in the 1350s. Ravello is full of marvels, such as its houses built in Arabic/Sicilian style, the prestigious 12th-century cathedral, the spectacular 13th-century Villa Rufolo, the magnificent lookout at Villa Cimbrone and the hotels that are set in breathtaking surroundings - some of them former patrician villas. In summer the Ravello Festival takes place on the terrace at Villa Rufolo: a garden that inspired Richard Wagner when he was writing Parsifal. Over the centuries Ravello has attracted thousands of visitors, among them politicians, writers, musicians and stars of the stage and screen.

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